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About Us

Zentric is a software development company for mobile devices that specializes in custom development for the enterprise, adapting current systems to mobile devices and releasing commercial products through Apple’s App Store.

We are passionate about app development and have designed and developed dozens of apps for tablets and phones. Whether our clients need an enterprise app for the iPhone, a book or music app for the iPad, or an innovative children game for iOS, Zentric has a premier team of expert programmers and interface and graphic designers that will take your project and deliver the product you need in time and on budget.

In 2010 Zentric started development of Pressto! Digital Publishing, a revolutionary system that allows authors and editors to create Digital Books with beautifully designed visual content combined with multimedia material and interactivity with the reader.

Pressto! digital books allow precise positioning of all visual elements, so content creators can design books with complex pages as those that can be created with Adobe© inDesign©, allowing interactivity and the use of an evergrowing list of multimedia elements. It allows the publication of any book in “app” format for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) with rich multimedia content that includes music, sounds, animations, visual effects, movies, physics, interactivity, games and more, delivering books that engage the readers and vastly improve the standard printed versions.

The framework was developed with native tools that allow versatile implementations in different platforms, offering maximum performance and full compatibility of the same book contents.